Brand history

Midland 777


LPD/PMR, 77 channels, transmitter 0.5 W, range up to 5 km, battery Li-ion 720 mAh battery, CTCSS, 5 ringtones, vibration

Main (Midland 777)
Standard LPD, PMR
Frequency range 446.0063 — 446.0938 MGh
The number of channels 77
The power of the transmitter 0.5 W
Power control 2 level.
The range of radio communication 5 km
The number of radio stations included 2
Design (Midland 777)
Dust - and moisture-proof
Operating temperature from -20 to +55 °C
Screen alphanumeric, backlit
Backlight keyboard
Antenna Fixed
Headset Jack
FM radio
Dimensions and weight (Midland 777)
Length 86 mm
Width 42 mm
The thickness of the 16 mm
Weight 58 g
Battery (Midland 777)
Battery type Li-ion
Time 21 hours
Battery power 720 mAh
Features (Midland 777)
PTT (press send) at the radio station
VOX (voice-activated)
Squelch (squelch)
Coding CTCSS
Group mode
Scanning two channels
Lock busy channels
Timer transmission
Ringtone 5
Vibrating alert
Signal the end of transmission (Roger)
The output signal outside of the communication range
Voice indication channel
Keypad lock
Connect to PC
Trim (Midland 777)
Mains charger on 2 devices
Car charger
Belt fastening (clip or carabiner) 2
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